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40′ RV Travel Trailer

Wellesley is named after our neighbor, Wellesley Island. The 1000 Islands bridge connects Alexandria Bay to the Island, which you can also walk over.

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A 399 sq ft park model home by Athens.

Casino Cottage is named after Casino Island located in Downtown Alexandria Bay. Stop by Scenic View Park and enjoy views of the River, a small beach, playground & walk over the small bridge to Casino Island for beautiful Boldt Castle pictures!

St. Elmo

A 399 sq ft park model home by Athens.

St. Elmo Cottage is named after privately owned St. Elmo Island and can be seen from standing on Casino Island in Downtown Alexandria Bay.


A 399 sq ft park model home by Skyline.

Arcadia Cottage is named after Arcadia Island whose neighbors are Summerland Island and Whiskey Island, just past Alexandria Bay and on the border of Canadian waters. You may find this island at 44.3761627°N, -75.8927344°W.


A 399 sq ft park model home by Athens.

Heart Cottage is named after Heart Island where the famous Boldt Castle & Boldt Yacht House lie. History states that in the early 1900s, millionaire George C. Boldt was on a mission to have a full size Rhineland castle built for his wife, Louise. Turmoil struck, and then you’ll have to take a boat tour to find out the rest of the story! Ask us how!


A 399 sq ft park model home by Skyline.

Emerald Cottage is named after Emerald Island that holds a rustic Old English style estate where a small private dam connects the island to the shore. Celebrity Brooke Shields lived there for some time.

Sunken Rock

40′ RV Travel Trailer

Sunken Rock is named after a shoal in the 1000 Islands River! This shoal also has a lighthouse on it to mark the entrance of a narrow passage way and is famously photographed each year.

Stony Crest

A 2017 park model home.

Stony Crest Cottage is named after an island on the St. Lawrence River, originally owned by H. Warner. Warner made a living selling safes and then “patent medicine” with high-alcohol-content, elixirs and remedies that promised to cure just about everything under the sun except perhaps hangovers.


A 399 sq ft park model home by Athens.

Steamboat Cottage is named after Steamboat Island located just past Boldt Castle. This island was named during the steamship era that provided heavy wood delivery to the area and led to the development of the Ontario & St. Lawrence Steamboat Company.


A 399 sq ft park model home by Forrest River.

Crackerjack Cottage is named after the famous Cracker Jack snack. We find this cottage to represent the snack in a way that the outside is a simple package, but the inside is the real, more exciting prize!

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