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One of our standard chalets.

Island No. 999 gave this chalet its name: Summerland. It was also featured in the New York Times! Just beyond Boldt Castle, this island can be found at 44°22’23″N 75°53’41″W.


One of our standard chalets.

Potters Chalet is named after Potter’s Beach located on Grindstone Island and is often referred to simply as ‘Potters.’ It’s a popular location for locals and is one of the few natural sand beaches in the 1000 islands region open to the public!


One of our standard chalets.

Grindstone Chalet is named after an island that was once home to the Algonquin tribe in the 1600s and was later taken over by the Iroquois tribe. Its most northern point lies on the border of the US & Canada and is the 4th largest of the 1000 Islands that can be found at 44.2764° N, 76.1139° W.


One of our standard chalets.

This chalet is named after Grenadier Island that was once a farming community known for its grenadier corn that was sold at market in Brockville, ON. This historical island can be found at 44.0449° N, 76.3579° W.


That horizon won’t gaze at itself! This Chalet offers sweeping views of the river and a slightly larger footprint!

Picton Chalet is named after Picton Island which is known to be rich with natural resources and was once the location for mining large quantities of granite in the 1900s. Picton has a popular beach and can be found at 44°16’59″N  76°4’5″W.

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